"I look for light even where there seems to be none. I look for the way reality and mystery blur into one; for details; for people’s strengths and their weaknesses."

- Elisabetta Marzetti / Italy

Elisabetta Marzetti.jpg

When we stumbled upon Elisabetta’s work for the first time, we just kept coming back. The softness and calm, dark beauty in her imagery, the use of light and the welcoming of the shadows spoke to us from the very first moment. But not only that - the tones remind us of old paintings, while her background in fashion also shines through and adds a modern spark at the same time.
Being passionate about pushing herself physically (triathlon!) as well as mentally, loving to read books on spirituality and enjoying offline experiences, we are sure Elisabetta’s approach will broaden our horizon and we can’t wait!

Check out her work here:


"Photography definitely gave me the gift of humanity."