"It’s ok to take bad photos - by taking bad photos you’re also taking new photos from a new perspective - not repeating what’s been done before-, and through that comes learning, refinement, and growth in your craft."

- Joel and Justyna / Ottawa

Joel and Justyna Bedford.jpg

There is something about Joel and Justyna’s creative pictures, that reminds us of old hollywood movies and stumbled upon Titanic photographs from another era. The elegance and mystery and the perfection of the blurry artistic image is what always stands out to us and makes us eager to learn more about their photographic approach.
When not busy with travelling the world to capture destination weddings in Canada and beyond, they love decorating their home, collecting vintage clothes and are valuing unplugged time greatly.
We can’t wait to hear everything about their business journey and their expertise on limiting admin expenses and keeping it simple!
Check out their work here: 

"We try really hard not to be influenced by our peers and try to find inspiration in as many non-wedding places we can."