"Never trust anything be recommended, trust your own eyes. Your heart can tell you what you want, no somebody else."

- Cafa Liu / Toronto

Cafa Liu.jpg

Covering weddings from his very own “cafa” angle, Cafa Liu’s images more often then not leave us with one question in mind: “HOW?!”. Creating unusual artworks from the most usual moments, we are so very curious to learn about his way of thinking and working on location.
We deeply believe that we learn the most if we look at those who follow a very different approach from our own - that is one reason we invited Cafa, one of Fearless’s most awarded photographers, to open our horizon and learn about his secrets (at least we hope there is more to it then beer).
Check out his work here:


"I’m always looking forward to having a good beer every day."



"It’s ok to take bad photos - by taking bad photos you’re also taking new photos from a new perspective - not repeating what’s been done before-, and through that comes learning, refinement, and growth in your craft."

- Joel and Justyna / Ottawa

Joel and Justyna Bedford.jpg

There is something about Joel and Justyna’s creative pictures, that reminds us of old hollywood movies and stumbled upon Titanic photographs from another era. The elegance and mystery and the perfection of the blurry artistic image is what always stands out to us and makes us eager to learn more about their photographic approach.
When not busy with travelling the world to capture destination weddings in Canada and beyond, they love decorating their home, collecting vintage clothes and are valuing unplugged time greatly.
We can’t wait to hear everything about their business journey and their expertise on limiting admin expenses and keeping it simple!
Check out their work here: 

"We try really hard not to be influenced by our peers and try to find inspiration in as many non-wedding places we can."



"I look for light even where there seems to be none. I look for the way reality and mystery blur into one; for details; for people’s strengths and their weaknesses."

- Elisabetta Marzetti / Italy

Elisabetta Marzetti.jpg

When we stumbled upon Elisabetta’s work for the first time, we just kept coming back. The softness and calm, dark beauty in her imagery, the use of light and the welcoming of the shadows spoke to us from the very first moment. But not only that - the tones remind us of old paintings, while her background in fashion also shines through and adds a modern spark at the same time.
Being passionate about pushing herself physically (triathlon!) as well as mentally, loving to read books on spirituality and enjoying offline experiences, we are sure Elisabetta’s approach will broaden our horizon and we can’t wait!

Check out her work here:


"Photography definitely gave me the gift of humanity." 



"Following all the trends is a sure formula to never stand out."

- Muse & Mirror / Germany


This is us, Ronja and Victor - the ones who came up with LEGACY - to create the kind of learning experience we couldn’t find anywhere else and to learn from all the photographers that inspire us daily. To learn, grow, chill and all of that in the homy comfort of our own magical castle-world.
We will not only share our business model and philosophy, editing and way of shooting, but also show how to create real value through creating heirlooms and an outstanding client experience to bring your business forward.

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"Don't follow anyone else's values or business model - your clients are the only ones whose happiness matters at the end."