The Team


For an experience like this, there is nothing more important than a great team behind the scenes - and we couldn’t be more happy with the awesome people working together on this workshop. Some will give us the chance to take a closer look at their products and services, others are making sure we're all getting an outstanding experience each and every day!


CRACHA is the local wedding agency, led by the uber talented Isabel Passos, that shares our artistic vision and actually brings it to live with the help of great local and international brands. Not only will the creative photosessions be professionally organized and styled, but also the big and little bits around the presentations and the castle itself wouldn’t be possible without this outstanding team. We can’t wait what Isabel and her girls are going to create for all of us!


For this workshop we partner with the Album manufacturer of our trust: FOLIO ALBUMS. They are not only known for their superb print products, but also for their environmentally-friendly approach. You will have the chance to really touch and test out their products during the workshop - and who knows, you might fall in love.


Our fabulous local catering service ECO GLORIA will provide us with a welcome dinner as well as breakfast, lunch, afternoon cake and dinner throughout the workshop. The menu is going to be fully vegetarian, organic and simply awesome!


The CASTELO DE PORTUZELO is our shared magical home for the workshop. Placed north of Porto, owned by our great host Ana, hidden behind old mossy walls. The calm atmosphere and all the different, beautiful settings are the perfect background for some epic pictures. But most importantly, it really feels like home and we can’t wait to show it to you!