14-19 APRIL 2019






Because we couldn’t find what we are looking for in any other workshop out there. So we created one ourselves.

We believe that each business is different. That is why we want to give room to every participant's individual story, dreams and struggles. For that, we chose to have a limited number of seats and one beautiful location at the heart of our workshop. For shared meals, presentations, conversations and creative shooting. From breakfast until midnight, we will spend our time together - giving everyone the chance for personal dialogues with each and every one. We believe that the best advice comes from truly understanding one another.



  • inspiring and exclusive speakers, rareley seen in Europe - teaching, shooting and sharing for a full day each

  • highest quality, professionally styled photosessions in cooperation with local and international brands - elegant couples, expensive dresses, calligraphy, cake and more to take home some next-level imagery that actually speaks to potential clients

  • a 14th century Castle as the workshop location to serve as the beautiful background and our shared creative home

  • maximum amount of shared community time - from breakfast til midnight. Because eating together, sharing personal stories or dying of laughter with some wine under the full moon; that is how lasting relationships form

  • no stage, no rules, no limited times. Each speaker will share their content in the best way they can think of - leaving room for all your questions, real dialogues and actual, concrete help with personal business challenges on an eye-to-eye level

  • comfortable accommodation from Sunday to Friday at the Castle itself or a nearby beautiful location with 2-4 people per room

  • super delicious, full organic, vegetarian catering including breakfast, lunch, afternoon cake, dinner and as much tea and coffee as you need or want, so you will never get hangry:


Everything is taken care of, so we can make the most of our shared time together. Bring your camera, an open mind and enjoy!

Your ticket includes 5 nights accommodation, 4 full days of teaching and professionally styled shootings, a welcome dinner and fully vegetarian, organic catering with 4 meals a day, including a lot of tee and coffee through the whole week.
The total cost per person is 1690€. First payment to secure your seat is 990€, second payment is 700€ due until the 1st of March 2019.
1590€ if you do it in one payment (=100€ bonus for one-off payment).


It doesn't matter if you are just stepping into this industry or are already having an established business. All speakers will openly share their business models, their mistakes and advice, their stories and hearts to really connect with you, no matter your skill level or artistic style. The more diverse of a group we are, the more we can learn from each other.


The Castle, in which we will learn, shoot, connect and inspire each other is located in Viana do Castelo, 80km north of Porto and easily accessible by public transport from Porto Airport - so you can travel there with little effort. Exact details will follow via E-Mail for all the participants.


This workshop is limited to 25 seats to guarantee a quality education.